Ombudsman institution is an indicator of high responsibility of the Banking system of Kazakhstan for service level

“Banking ombudsman is an independent individual, in its work, who settles disputes between the banks and organizations performing the certain types of banking operations and a borrower – an individual, which arise from the contract of mortgage loan for the purpose of reaching agreement taking into account protection of rights and interests of both sides.”

Article 40-1. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About banks and activity of banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan”


Dear friends!

I’ m glad to greet you on the site of  Banking Ombudsman!

Contemporary world is hard to imagine without civilized relations of seller and buyer, borrowers and creditors, without creditworthiness to each other.

Of course, it is not possible to prevent all variety of circumstances in banking agreements, including adverse situations to implement mutual debts.

Banking Ombudsman will not leave you face to face with the problem encountered.

We will help you to justify the credit of trust!

P.S. You can contact me On-line on this site otherwise by Skype, e-mail and the addresses, which are shown in the section of Contacts

Banking Ombudsman Yerserik Siyrbayev

Office of Banking Ombudsman operates at the address: Office 302, Furmanov Street, 175.

In Nur-Sultan and regional centers you can apply to the to the Banking Ombudsman from the public reception of “NurOtan” Party.